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Our Presentation
Road mobility is fundamental to human development, but its growth poses enormous challenges. Today, there are more than one billion motor vehicles on the road worldwide, a number that could rise to over 1.5 billion in 2020. More than 60% of the world's oil output is used in transportation. Around the world, fuel efficiency and emissions standards are being tightened in response to the growing scarcity of fossil fuels, climate change and the need to protect the environment, especially in urban areas. To meet this challenge, the industry is undergoing a profound shift towards cleaner, more connected road mobility that makes more efficient use of energy and raw materials.
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  Michelin Career Mobility
Michelin Career Mobility
Developing new solutions for better mobility and more safety for people is exciting. Working in a multi-cultural environment, with people from different worlds, in many fields of activity opens new perspectives. Thanks to all this, Michelin is also providing varied and unique career paths.

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1989, Michelin established its Representatives Office in Beijing. December 2001, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. founded its headquarters in Shanghai. Michelin China now employs over 8000 employees and the workforce continues to grow. Michelin actively develops business in China, the business scope in China today include: Passenger Car / Light Truck / Off-road Tires, Truck & Bus Tires, Earthmover Tires, Agriculture Tires, Aviation Tires, Maps and Guides and Michelin Lifestyle. Michelin Group continues to increase investment in China. The new factory in Economic and Technological Development Zone in Shenyang was opened in January 2013. This “High Performance Radial Tire Moving, Reconstruction and Capacity Expansion Project” is one of the backbone projects in Michelin group with total investment of nearly $1.5 billion. In order to better meet the increasing demands of high performance tyre in China market, Michelin opened its new RDI center in Shanghai, now Michelin China has more than 200 talented and passionate people in 3 R&D sites in Shanghai. While being successful in business development, Michelin always bears the goal of “getting rooted in China and contribute to the society”. On one hand, we spare no efforts in developing local talents and on the other hand, Michelin plays an active role in promoting road safety in China, as well as many other activities for environmental protection and corporate social responsibilities.

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Michelin - happy trainees
Michelin - happy trainees
Michelin - happy trainees