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How do we use cookies and similar technologies

How do we use cookies and similar technologies


In order to ensure the normal operation of the website, provide you with an easier access experience, and recommend content that may be of interest to you, we store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a small piece of information transmitted by a website to your browser. It can be stored on your computer or mobile device. On some pages of the platform, the platform will issue cookies or other technical information so that the registrant can get better service when accessing the platform again. The login can set the browser to be notified before receiving the cookie, so that the login can have the opportunity to decide whether to accept it. The registrant can also choose to set the browser to not accept any cookies. If you make such settings, some pages may not display properly.

You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. In addition to clearing all cookies saved on the computer, most web browsers have a function to block cookies. But if you do this, you need to change the user settings every time you visit our website. For details on how to change the browser settings, please visit the relevant settings page of the browser you are using.

2. The use of network Beacon and similar technologies

In addition to cookies, we also use other similar technologies such as Beacon on the website. So that the platform can produce better content and serve customers. These elements are placed in multiple pages on this platform. When a visitor visits these pages, an anonymous notification about the visit will be generated and may be processed by us or our suppliers. This technique is used in conjunction with the cookies mentioned above. If you do not want to associate information that does not identify you personally with your visit to these pages, please set your browser to turn off cookies.

When you turn off cookies, although Beacon can still detect your anonymous access to these pages, the notifications they generate will not be linked to other anonymous cookie information, so these notifications will be ignored.

Published on May 2020


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